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Separate homes, separate contact information...SAME quailty breeding



 Kelty's German Shepherds began in 1989 with the first beloved female puppy, Ruby.  She joined Mitch, Patricia and their sons, the youngest of whom was Spencer at 1 yr old.  Raising German Shepherds became a big part of our family over the next many years.  Now, 27 years later, Spencer and his wife Emily have joined with Mitch and Patricia to be co-owners of Kelty's German Shepherds.  Our love and involvment with the breed has never included showmanship.  We purpose in our hearts to raise the most healthy, sweet and sound puppies possible so that many can enjoy the companionship and protective nature of this remarkably intelligent and beautiful dog.  Our knowledge and love for the breed make it possible to achieve this purpose.  We LOVE our German Shepherds and we know you will too.  



Located in Walla Walla, WA and Weston, OR

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